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6 Souvenirs to Buy in Sicily

If you're traveling to Sicily, here are 6 things you should bring back with you.

When I was younger, I was that traveler. You know, the one who would purchase every knick-knack item available for no reason other than it had the places name on it. Thankfully, for my wallet especially, I have become pickier as I’ve grown. I no longer purchase souvenirs just to have something. I buy things I will actually use or that work with my decor back home, things that will remind me of that special moment in time. 

If you are traveling to Sicily, here are some souvenirs you should purchase to help you remember your own trip. 

Coffa Bag

Probably one of the most iconic items from the Island, these bags have become a fashion statement amongst Sicilians. Once a simple market bag made of straw, the coffa bag can now be found in luxury fashion stores.


The Sicilian town of Caltagirone has long been celebrated for its remarkable ceramic work. They even have a museum dedicated to the craft. With the versatility of ceramics, it won’t be hard to find something that works in your home. 


Buying wine is just a given if you’re traveling to Italy, but I still wanted to put it on the list. Yes, this particular souvenir is something that will eventually be gone, but just imagine yourself at home sipping a glass, reminiscing about Sicily. Plus, if you’re crafty, you can still use the bottle when you’re done!


Another perishable souvenir, but just like the wine as soon as you taste this delicious fruit, it will take you back. This marzipan fruit is unique to Sicily and will be hard to locate anywhere else, so make sure you stock up if you’re a fan. 

Lava Stone Jewelry

Mount Etna, one of Italy’s three active volcanos, is located in Sicily. However, instead of wasting time worrying about the next eruption, Sicilians have put the volcano to good use and turn its lava into a money maker. Imagine showing off your necklace to your friends and tell them it’s made from lava. They’ll be so jealous. 


Often referred to as a flat cap, the coppola is a staple in Sicilian fashion. This hat comes in a huge variety of colors and materials to match with any outfit or season. 


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