8 Things Every Nonna Buys 🛒🇮🇹

Ever wonder why nonnas cabinets are only filled with the same 5-6 things? It's because she has only bought the same things for years!

Here is our list of 8 things that every nonna buys!

1. Enough pasta to feed a small village

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Even if she has a cupboard full she will always buy more.

2. Bags and bags of flour

Can I bake with out of date flour? | King Arthur Baking
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For those days when she wants to make homemade pasta, bread or pizza!

3. Jesus or Religious candles

The blasphemous, appropriative, wildly popular celebrity prayer ...
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For the home or when she visits the cemetery.

4. Packs of tissues

PrepareSmart - Sharing our Passion for Preparedness Tissue Pack
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So she can put one in her purse, one in the car, and a few in her room.

5. Nutella

The Amount Of Sugar In A Jar Of Nutella Will Shock You | Stellar
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Mostly for when her nipote come to visit.

6. Only the freshest produce

Long-lasting fresh produce to stock up on as you work from home ...
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Nonna (and nonno) always know how to get the freshest and best produce.

7. “S” cookies or any Italian cookies

curridiculum: Stella D Oro Breakfast Treats
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For the morning and afternoon espresso.

8. Whatever was on sale that week

Black Friday 2017: What we know about Target, Walmart, ads, deals ...
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If there is a special going on, you better believe that nonna will stock up!

Have anything else to add to the list? Share them in the comments below


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