Why Did FOUR MILLION Bees Die Overnight in Northern Italy? Shocking Mystery 🐝

4 million bees mysteriously died overnight in Lombardy, a northern region of Italy.

According to the Italian newspaper, Il Fatto Quotidiano, agricultural experts are currently trying to explain why 4 million bees died in a six-kilometer (3.7 miles) area between Brescia and Cremona.

Between the night of August 7th and the morning of August 8th,Β approximately 130 families of bees died.

Photo by Roberto Lopez on Unsplash

Edoardo Mombelli told Fatto Quotidiano.”In my experience as a beekeeper, I have never witnessed such a violent and massive phenomenon, truly inexplicable even for fellow beekeepers in the area.”

The Forestry Corps and the Ats of Brescia and Cremona launched an investigation and took samples of the bees and their honey.

The Brescia branch of Coldiretti explained that “It is difficult to understand the causes of such a sudden and lethal phenomenon,” adding that there is “dismay and concern for an already delicate year, due to the lockdown and climate changes.”

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