Private Island Near Venice Is Available for $102 a Night

Are you up for a private island getaway?

These days, alone time is the new normal. No more visits to jammed packed theme parks or jostling for a spot on a crowded beach. Social distancing is the way of the world. And what could be more distanced than a stay on a private island?

Just outside of Venice in the lagoon, sits the 50-acre private island of Valle Falconera. The island rental can be reached by an eight-minute boat ride from the Cavallino-Treporti Church. The property’s six-bedroom farmhouse is capable of fitting 16 guests as well as any pets. If max capacity is met, the nightly rate is $309. If it’s a reservation for one or two people, the going rate is about $102.

Valle Falconera is currently owned by the Sarzetto family. Anna Sarzetto is the home’s host. She, along with her boyfriend, sister, and parents, operate a small farm on the island. This project is a relatively new one and sprung from the family’s desire to help promote local products. Guests on the island can enjoy a farm-to-table meal with fresh artichoke, tomatoes, honey, fish, and oysters. 

In a recent interview, Sarzetto said, “[My father] dedicates all his time and effort here, and he transmitted this love to me.”

She also explained that all of the money brought in by the rental go towards upkeep and barriers to help protect the island from high tides. 

Currently, the listing has a 4.93-star rating on Airbnb, with past visitors praising the one-of-a-kind experience. They praise the family’s responsiveness and the welcoming nature. 

One reviewer wrote, “The setting is absolutely magical and for me the perfect way to visit Venice. [It] felt like visiting old friends.” 


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