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Visit the Home Towns of Some of Your Favorite Italian Celebrities

Visit the home towns of some of Italy's most famous.

Italy has produced some of the finest celebrities. They have given the world designers, actors, actresses, musicians, athletes, etc. These famous faces help show the world just how special Italy truly is. If you have ever been interested in exploring the roots of some of your favorite celebrities, here’s your chance. Check out the hometowns of some of Italy’s greatest. 

Giorgio Armani – Piacenza

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Stemming from the Roman word ‘Placentia’ meaning ‘pleasant place’, Piacenza can be found in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. The town once played a major role in the wars of the Holy Roman Empire and have many historically significant places within its borders. Looking back on his childhood, Giorgio Armani said, “Piacenza was a little world where we lived peacefully and protected.” 

Andrea Bocelli – Lajatico


Located between Pisa and Volterra, the little village of Lajatico is home to 1,300 people, a population that once included the famous singer Andrea Bocelli. This place holds a special place in Bocelli’s heart, so much so that he helped build the Teatro del Silenzio, where he often performs. 

Sophia Loren – Pozzuoli


Though Sophia Loren was born in Rome, she spent most of her childhood in Pozzuoli, just outside of Naples. The town is known for its Phlegraean Fields, referred to as the Burning Fields, because of its boiling mud fields and steaming craters from the dormant volcano Solfatara.

Gianni Versace – Reggio di Calabria


Found in Southern Italy, the hometown of Gianni Versace is the region’s capital and the third-largest city in the area. Visitors can find an abundance of attractions, including the Castello Aragonese and Lungomare Falcomata. In regards to his hometown, Versace once said, “Reggio is the kingdom where the fairy story of my life began: the tailoring of my mother’s shop, the haute couture boutiques.”

Gina Lollobrigida – Subiaco


Built upon a rocky cliff, Subiaco sits about 1,312 feet above sea level near the slopes of the Simbruini Mountains. It’s a medieval town with the monasteries of Saint Scholastica and Sacro Speco as two of its biggest attractions.

Giancarlo Giannini – La Spezia


A charming port city in Liguria, La Spezia is an array of colorful houses and sprawling city streets. It is home to the country’s largest naval base and is a major stop for many cruise ship routes. The area has been populated since prehistoric times and was once an important trading hub for the Roman Empire. 



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