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Italy’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Check out some of Italy's most romantic restaurants.

When someone thinks of a romantic getaway, many think of Italy. When you arrive in the country, there is so much to see and do. An intimate dinner is often the best time to decompress and process everything you and your partner have seen. Here are some of the most romantic places to do just that. 

Before we begin, I want to point out that many sources have dubbed the Grotta Palazzese in Polignano a Mare as the most romantic restaurant in Italy. I wanted to leave it off the list as there is an entire article dedicated to it on our website. I left it off the list because I wanted to give these other locations proper recognition. 

Osteria di Passignano 

Located outside of Florence in the Tuscan countryside, Osteria di Passignano was part of the Badia di Passignano, The Abbey of Passignano, complex. The Abbey dates back to 395 A.D. while the Osteria was first opened in 2000. The setting is cozy, and the service is impeccable. You and your significant other can enjoy some of the Abbey’s finest wine selection while dining on authentic Tuscan cuisine. 

Ristorante L’Archeologia

Sitting amid ancient Roman ruins, the Ristorante L’Archeologia is a sight to behold. The restaurant sits upon an ancient Roman tomb, which now serves as the building’s wine cellar. The dining hall structure has been around since 1804 and provides visitors with garden seating or more intimate secluded seating inside. 

La Sponda at Le Sirenuse

Located on the Amalfi Coast, La Sponda boasts stunning views of the water, which diners can enjoy while they eat their meals by the light of 400 hundred candles. The restaurant prides itself on the use of fresh local ingredients and enhancing the culinary traditions of the area.

Solo Per Due

Located in the central Italian town of Vacone, Solo Per Due is known as the world’s smallest restaurant. This intimate table for two is located inside a 19th-century villa where you can enjoy your meal nestled by the fireside while surrounded by stunning artwork and sculptures. The restaurant is run by a father-daughter duo whose goal was to bring people happiness through food.  


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