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How to Bring Italy into Your Own Home

All of us travelers are itching to get to Italy, but here's some things to keep us busy while we wait.

Whatever the reason may be, some people are just unable to travel to Italy right now. However, the yearning for the sea breeze, the aroma of authentic Italian cuisine, and the beautiful majesty of the countryside are enough to try anyone mad. If you are amongst these struggling travelers, here are a couple tips to ease your travel fever. 

Take a virtual tour of your favorite location.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many in the tourism industry have been trying to find new and creative ways to keep people invested in their country. Virtual tours of places like Pompeii, Rome, Florence, etc. have been skyrocketing in popularity. Nothing can replace the actual thing, but it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the landscape or relive a past trip.

Take an evening stroll.


La passeggiata, the evening stroll, is a popular tradition amongst Italians. They take to the streets between 5pm and 8pm to enjoy the air and socialize with their neighbors. Due to the pandemic, this may have to be done with masks, but that doesn’t have to inhibit your enjoyment. This is the time to slow down and savor the beauty of your own surroundings.

Create an Italian music playlist.


Nothing takes me back like some good music. Hope on one of the many streaming services available or pop in a well-worn CD and let the melody take you to your dream Italian vacation. Dance and sing your blues away with the help of Andrea Bocelli, Il Volo, or whoever else takes your heart back to Italia. 

Watch your favorite Italian film.


If you yearn for the scenery of Italy, but can’t handle looking at one more still life, pop in your favorite Italian flick. Whether the whole movie is Italian or if it’s just the backdrop, watch whatever feels right to you. Let your cinema experience be your vacation, even if it’s for a few hours.

Spend the day making your favorite Italian dish.


If you have a solid block of time and enjoy cooking, why not try your hand at making your favorite Italian meal. It could be as simple as making your own pasta to something more elaborate. Let your taste buds lead the way down memory lane. 

Splurge on a bottle of Italian wine.


Depending on where you live this, may be hard to come by, but the effort is worth the reward. The great part about this is you can enjoy the bottle alone or with friends, whatever makes the occasion more authentic for you. I would recommend saving this for a beautiful evening after you’ve enjoyed your la passeggiata and are settling in for the night.

Plan your Italian dream vacation. 


One day you will get to Italy, so while you’re waiting, why not plan your epic adventure now. Make a list of all the places you have dreamed about and start laying the foundation now. This way you’ll be able to look back and narrow down your selection and also get a feel for what kind of travel budget you should be looking into. 


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