6 Amazing Things to Do in Latina, Italy

Latina is both a province and the capital city of this province in the Lazio region of central Italy. As it is just 60 kilometers from Rome, it is a popular tourist destination as visitors have the option of either spending time in the local area or visiting the country’s capital. If you are spending the majority of your time in Latina, then you will find a wide range of activities and attractions to enjoy.

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Most Beautiful Places to Sail in Italy

Whether you have your own vessel or you are planning on chartering a yacht, Italy is a fantastic destination to choose if you dream of a sailing vacation. The beautiful seas and stunning coastline of Italy make it the ideal choice. One problem sailors face is the lack of harbors as many marinas are manmade. However, there are some amazing places for people to enjoy a sailing holiday and here are some of the best.

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7 Fun Things to Do in Rome with Kids

While Rome is a fantastic place to visit for those who are interested in history, art, and architecture, it is not usually the first choice of location for families. Parents are often wondered that this city does not have the right sort of attractions to keep children entertained during a vacation. However, there are plenty of things to see and do in this diverse and interesting city that children will love. Here are some of the top activities to enjoy with children when visiting Rome.

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Explore Italia: 5 Most Breathtaking Islands of Italy

Italy is home to astonishing scenery, from white sand beaches to beautiful fluorescent turquoise waters. The country has over 350 sea islands which are each architecturally, geographically, and culturally unique. The islands of Italy are perfect summer vacation destinations but the majority of them can be visited and enjoyed all year-round. These islands are not difficult to reach and can be explored by simply taking a ferry from Sicily to your island destination. 

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