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Why Is There a Strike in Italy Right Now?

Italian union workers in the transportation industry are currently on strike. Find out why they are desiring a nationwide minimum wage.

Italy is currently facing a strike from its transportation workers. Union workers are interested in implementing a national minimum wage that can keep up with the country’s rising inflation rates. 

Why Do Italian Workers Strike So Often?

It seems as though Italians are constantly on strike about something. Whether it is unionizations, government, or protests, it is a common occurrence. Many websites have even given travelers tips to deal with such inconveniences. Strikes are often published online so travelers and locals can plan their routes to work and school around them. Strikes are a common way for workers to share the ways that they are treated and things that they desire in the workforce to the public.

How Long Will the Strike Last?

The current strike affects Italian transportation routes. The timing varies from place to place, however, the strike was planned. Some areas are less affected than others. For example, some workers in areas of Naples know the specific dates and times that they will strike, however, other areas may not confirm strike action until later on. The strike is planned to last until nighttime on December 2nd. 

What Areas of Transportation Does the Current Strike Affect?

Taxi services, trains, and busses are the largest areas participating in the strike. The transportation strike is affecting schools, garbage pickup, and health services. This forces locals and tourists to change some of their current plans to avoid the major areas of the strike. The majority of the strike is and will take place in Naples, Rome, and Bologna to name a few. 

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