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DEVASTATING-Mudslide on Italian Island of Ischia

The Italian island of Ischia experienced torrential rains this past weekend, causing the destruction of homes and killing at least seven.

The Italian island of Ischia experienced a devastating landslide this past weekend. At least seven individuals were killed by the landslide, which was caused by torrential rain. 

What Caused the Landslide?

There is debate about whether or not an influx of tourists caused the disaster. Tourist organizations have been creating new hotels and households for visitors of the island. Many say the mudslide could have been preventable if the organization had stopped illegal construction of homes onto areas that were out of code. The island of Ischia is continuing to become a popular tourist destination because of their beautiful coastline and natural baths. Many businesses were continuing to try to profit off of this inflow without regard for the current circumstances.  

How Will They Recover?

The island of Ischia will unfortunately have a substantial amount of construction to perform. After losing multiple citizens and forcing people to leave their homes, Ischia plans to crack down on illegal building. Many homes have previously been destroyed by natural causes due to poor coding and zoning. Prime minister Giorgia Meloni has issued support for those who needed to leave their homes after disaster. 

WATCH-Ischia Landslide Helps Government Crack Down on Illegal Building

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