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Italian Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco Releases NEW Netflix Special

On Tuesday, December 6th, Italian comedian Sebastian Maniscalo is set to release a new Netflix stand-up comedy special.

Sebastian Maniscalco is an Italian comedian. His previous experience as a stand-up comedian has rendered a large degree of success, especially from his Italian-American fanbase. A few of his preceding specials include “Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That?” and “What’s Wrong With People?”. He is best known for speaking his mind despite criticism. 

What Is His New Special About?

Maniscalco’s newest special, “Sebastian Maniscalco: Is it Me?” releases Tuesday, December 6th. The comic performs the show in Las Vegas, detailing life’s nuances and funny human behavior to his audience. Maniscalco, of course, leaves room to poke fun at his Italian family.

WATCH-Is It Me? (Trailer)

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