8 Things in Every Italian Man’s Wardrobe

From their gold chain to their well fitted jeans, you’ll be able to see an Italian man from a mile away just from what he is wearings!

If it is one thing most Italian men care about it’s their appearance and the way they dress. Check out our list of 8 things that are in every Italian man’s wardrobe.

1. A Statement or Designer Watch

person using watch displaying 10:00 time
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Only worn for special occasions.

2. The Simple White Button Down Dress Shirt

man in white dress shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on brown wooden stool
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For weddings or worn casually with jeans.

3. The Italian Attire to Represent

Behind The Scenes | Hardcore Italians
Photo by Hardcore Italians

Because they are Italian and proud!

4. Tapered/Fitted Jeans and Pants

Photo by Unsplash

They like that put-together look with the fitted jeans.

5. A Gold Chain

Royalty-Free photo: Gold-colored cross pendant | PickPik
Photo by Pickpic

Usually with a cross or corno hanging from it.

6. The Classic Black Dress Shoes

shoe, leather, boot, leg, spring, black, human body, shoes, dress, legs, footwear, paul, flooring, men's, high heeled footwear
Photo by pxhere

Classic and simple for wedding and special events.

7. Designer Belt(s)

person wearing Louis Vuitton leather belt
Photo by Unsplash

Because even Italian men love designer pieces

8. The Comfy Sweat Pants and Undershirts

Usually worn around the house, to work out in or for just hanging out at nonnas.


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