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The Dumbest Things Tourists Have Done in Italy

Some people just shouldn't be allowed around historical objects.

It seems like everywhere you go there is always that one person, who for whatever reason, has to ruin the experience for everyone. This seems particularly true in Italy, where priceless statues and historical paintings are at the mercy of ignorant individuals. These people cannot seem to grasp that rules are in place for a reason and that nobody wants to see their name carved into an ancient moment. Here are some of the dumbest things tourists have done while on vacation in Italy.

Siblings Try and Steal from Pompeii


Three brothers and a sister, all French natives, were caught picking off chips from one of the frescos in Pompeii. When they were searched by police, additional fresco pieces were discovered inside their bags. The group was charged with aggravated theft, while staff members were left with the task of finding which frescos they had taken the pieces from. 

Tourist Engrave Names into Trevi Fountain


In 2020, Two tourists from Germany and Slovakia, were caught engraving their names into the stonework of the Trevi Fountain. They were charged with damaging a historical building, fined 450 euros, and temporarily banned from visiting the site.

Man Breaks Off Finger of a 600-year-old Statue


In 2013, An American tourist found himself in hot water after he broke off the finger of a 600-year-old statue by Giovanni d’Ambrogio housed in the Galleria dell’Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore. The man said it was an accident, but it’s pretty much understood that you aren’t supposed to touch the historic artwork. 

Teenager Attempts to Steal a Brick from the Colosseum


During a school field trip, a 15-year-old Canadian tourist decided she wanted to bring back a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Obviously, a brick from the Colosseum was the perfect choice. Thankfully, she was spotted by another visitor who reported her to the staff. The police were brought in, and the brick was returned to the site. 

Three People Held an Orgy in Pompeii


Pompeii has long been known for its explicit artwork decorating the city’s former red-light district. In fact, the brothels were so popular that it was more expensive to buy a loaf of bread than it was to enter a brothel. However, A French man and two Italian women took things too far during one visit when they were caught mid-orgy. All three were arrested, but it’s unclear what their punishment was following. 

Woman Climbs Pompeii Bathhouse for Selfie


There is something about Pompeii that makes tourists just act completely stupid. Over the summer, a woman was photographed climbing on top of one of the site’s ancient bathhouses to take a selfie. The woman is still unknown to authorities, but her photograph has been circulating the internet by fellow tourists who witnessed the incident. 

Couple Has Sex in the Piazza Santa Croce


In 2012, police caught a young couple, who they believed was under the influence, having sex at the foot of the statue of Dante Alighieri in Florence’s Piazza Santa Croce. When word of this incident hit the public, everyone freaked out, and the city councilor even stated that the area had turned into an “open-air brothel.” 

Swimming in the Trevi Fountain


I can’t even cite one particular incident of this because people do this all the time, some of them even go naked. Some of the perpetrators were caught and fined about 450 euros, while others are simply Youtube famous for their stupid antics. 


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