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Little Italy Across the World

The world is full of little piece's of Italy, you just have to find them.

When Italians immigrated from their native country, they spread out across the globe and carved out little corners for themselves wherever they went. They took pieces of home with them and shared them with their new neighbors. Little Italy’s became an important part of each area and are still a major draw for many of those cities. If you are looking for a taste of Italy, but can’t make it there, here are some of the Little Italy’s across the world. 

New York City

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Probably the most well known, New York’s Little Italy is home to America’s first espresso bar dating back to 1892. 



Chicago’s Little Italy was established in the late 1800s and is home to the annual Festa Italiana celebration. 



Located in the city’s North End, Boston’s Little Italy is one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods among visitors and locals. 

San Diego

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This area was settled by immigrants making a living off the tuna-fishing industry. 

South Philadelphia


Made famous by the Rocky films, South Philadelphia’s Little Italy is home to the oldest and largest outdoor market in the United States. 

Saint Louis


Known as The Hill, this area of the city is home to 75% of the area’s Italian population. 


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The Murray Hill area in Cleveland was established by the Italians working as stone-cutters for the local cemeteries. 

Buenos Aires

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This area of the city grew up because of its location close to the harbor and it is said to be one of Buenos Aires’ oldest neighborhoods. 

Sao Paulo


In Sao Paulo’s Little Italy, visitors will find about 9,000 pizzeria options to choose from. 



Located on Norton Street, visitors will find a beautiful plaza, known as the Italian Forum, that was built to symbolize a real Italian pizza. 



With Italians making up one-fifth of the population, Bedford has the highest concentration of Italians in Britain. 


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