10 Delicious Italian Street Foods ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

These popular Italian street foods will make your mouth water!

These are some of my favorite Italian street foods. Have you ever eaten these popular treats in Italy? Let us know in the comments!

1. Pizza Parigina

Pizza Parigina means Parisian pizza and is a Neapolitan street food consisting of pizza topped with pastry dough.ย 

2.ย  Cuoppo Napoletano

Another classic Neapolitan street food, these cones filled with fried fish and veggies are served all over Naples.ย 

3. Trapizzino

Trapizzino is a Roman street food that is almost like a hybrid pizza sandwich. The exterior is pizza bread and the fillings vary.ย 

4. Olive Ascolane

This street food comes from the Marche region of Italy and consists of green olives stuffed and fried.ย 

5. Porchetta Romana

Porchetta is a rolled, seasoned pork roast with a crispy exterior popular in Rome.ย 

6. Lampredotto

This Florentine street food is slow cooked tripe traditionally eaten as a sandwich, on a bun called a semelle. It’s often served with a spicy sauce and a green sauce.ย 

7. Panelleย 

Panelle are popular in Palermo and are fritters made from chickpea flour and other ingredients. They are often served on bread as a sandwich.

8. Pizza Portafoglio

Pizza portafoglio is a portable Neapolitan pizza folded up, a very popular street food in Napoli.ย 

9. Panzerotti

Panzerotti are like mini calzoni popular in the Puglia region of Italy, specifically the city of Bari. The dough is stuffed with different ingredients and fried.ย 

10. Sfogliatelle

Sfogliatelle are one of the best Italian pastries that exists! These treats are popular in Naples and consist of a flaky, layered shell filled with a semolina and citrus cream and dusted with powdered sugar.


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