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The Most Delicious Cafes in the Country

If you want a taste of real Italian coffee, visit some of these cafes.

Coffee has long been a staple in Italian culture, with traditional breakfasts often pairing this delicious drink with a pastry or breakfast sandwich. If you are visiting Italy and want to try some of the best cafes, check out some of the places on the following list. 

Caffè Gilli


This historic cafe has been a part of Florence for over 270 years. The building is located on the corner in the Piazza della Repubblica where diners can enjoy their mouthwatering treats at the long marble counter. 

Caffè Sicilia 


Featured on the Netflix series Chef’s Table, this Sicilian cafe is a family business with the 4th generation of the Assenza family continuing the tradition. 

Antigua La Casa Del Caffè Tazza d’Oro


Just around the corner from the Pantheon, this local favorite is a great spot to enjoy a cup before you start your day exploring Rome. This cafe is best known for its granita di caffè, which is a shaved iced coffee with whip cream and tons of caffeine. 

Cafè Greco 


Another Roman favorite, Cafè Greco, opened in 1760, making it one of the oldest coffee houses in the city. Over the years, they have served the likes of Goethe, Lord Byron, and John Keats.

Caffè Mulassano


Although this establishment is tiny (35 square meters to be exact), this Turin cafe is famous for its invention of the tramezzino sandwich. 



Located in Milan, Pavè is a quiet coffee bar that invites patrons to make themselves comfortable and stay awhile. They are known for some of the best pastries in the city, including their centosessanta, which is brioche made with piles of apricot marmellata. 

Gran Caffè Quadri


Dating back to 1630, the Gran Caffè Quadri can be found in the heart of St. Mark’s Square. Patrons can enjoy outdoor live music during the summer months and also sit down for some fine dining in the cafe’s upstairs restaurant. 


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