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Visit the Eccentric Fairytale World of Quartiere Coppedè

Visit one of Rome's most creative neighborhoods.

Italy is known for its array of architectural achievements, however, in the Trieste district of Rome, there lies a neighborhood with a mash-up of styles unlike anything seen before. This place is known as Quartiere Coppedè and its made up of 40 buildings sprawling across 31,000 square meters. 


Architect Gino Coppedè was the man behind this eccentric display. He combined style features from Ancient Greece, Roman Baroque, Mannerist, Medieval, and Art Nouveau to create this neighborhood. The project began in 1919 and continued until Coppedè died in 1927. 

You can find this hidden fairytale realm by starting your journey approaching from Via Dora. Here you will see an ornate archway connection the Palazzi degli Ambasciatori. You’ll know you’re in the right place by the ornate chandelier that hangs from the arch’s ceiling. You will also notice a small statue of the Madonna and Child standing up a green lantern. 


After you pass through the arch, you will find the Fairy House, or Villino delle Fate, along with the Fountain of the Frogs. Across the street is the Spider Building, so named for the decorative spider spanning above the building’s front entrance. Other creations include the winged lions of Venice and a statue of the she-wolf who nursed the city’s founders, Remus and Romulus. 


While you are visiting Quartiere Coppedè, keep in mind there are no restaurants, cafes, or shops to be found. Instead, many embassies are located within this unique corner of the city, including South Africa, Sweden, Bolivia, and Morocco. Even so, the lack of the usual tourist set up presents visitors with more opportunity to appreciate all the detail and creativity that went into building this one-of-kind area. 


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