5 Surprising Health Benefits of Gorgonzola Cheese 🧀

Love it or hate it, Gorgonzola cheese has loads of health benefits from being anti-cellulite to enhancing your memory!

You either love it or you hate it! Gorgonzola is a stinky, blue, Italian cheese that hails from the town of Gorgonzola, Italy, just outside of Milan. It is delicious in antipasti, served on bread, made as a sauce, or as a dessert with sweet wine. Did you know Gorgonzola also has an array of health benefits? Check out the list below and let us know whether or not you like Gorgonzola cheese in the comments!

1.  Cardiovascular Health

Gorgonzola cheese has been proven to lower cholesterol levels and prevent artery inflammation. Studies have also shown that people who consume the cheese regularly have a lower risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases than those who do not consume it. 

2. Enhances Memory

Gorgonzola cheese has been shown to enhance brain cell function leading to an enhanced memory as well as fighting memory problems. 

3. Anti-Cellulite

Although it is high in fat, Gorgonzola prevents fat from accumulating and depositing in the form of cellulite.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

A protein fraction found in the blue-veined Gorgonzola has been shown to decrease inflammation. It is also said that the longer the cheese ages, the more beneficial the anti-inflammatory properties are. 

5. Boosts Immunity

Studies have shown that Gorgonzola consumption boosts the immune system because the cheese is high in a number of essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. 



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