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Marlon Brando’s Favorite Cocktail – The Godfather Recipe 🥃

Channel your inner Don Corleone with this classic cocktail!

According to Disaronno, Marlon Brando’s favorite drink was Whiskey with Amaretto. According to Dick Cavett, Marlon Brando’s favorite drink was Campari with orange juice. Neither has been proven correct but either way, The Godfather is a cocktail that contains Scotch Whiskey and Amaretto. This cocktail is made in a 2:1 ratio and served over ice with an orange garnish. If you like a stiff drink, this one is for you!


  • 25 ml Amaretto (like Disaronno)
  • 50 ml Scotch Whiskey (like Johnny Walker)
  • Orange twist


  1. Pour amaretto and whiskey over ice in a rocks glass and serve with an orange twist. 


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