Six Italian-Themed Halloween Costumes

Looking for a great costume idea? Check out this list!

Halloween is my favorite holiday because it has my two favorite things: costumes and candy. From the time I was little, I would spend at least two months trying to plan out the perfect outfit. Many of my ideas were based on movies or mythological creatures. Yet, I seemed to miss out on the costume opportunities my Italian heritage offered me. Here is my list of the ten best Italian-themed Halloween costumes. 

A Pot of Spaghetti and Meatballs


This costume idea is so cute and precious! It is best suited for small children, but I think a creative adult could also pull it off. I will also add that yes, spaghetti and meatballs is known as an Italian-American dish, but come on, this costume is too adorable to leave off the list!

Roman Solider


This is taking it way back to Italy’s Roman roots. It’s a fun historical costume for many people, and with COVID-19 still rampant, you can easily use your shield to enforce social distancing rules. 



This costume is so creative! It wouldn’t be hard to create for a child or adult.



Yes, Pinocchio is a popular Disney character, but the story originated in Florence, thanks to author Carlo Collodi. This costume is a delightful celebration of Italian culture!



This delicious hazelnut spread hit the market in the 1940s and has been an Italian favorite ever since.



Gondoliers are the symbol of Venice. There’s no better way to celebrate Italian traditions than to celebrate this exclusive profession. 


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