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How Prosciutto is Made in Italy – Video 🇮🇹

Ever wonder how your favorite Italian deli meat is made? Check out this video to watch how prosciutto is made in Italy!

Curing meat in Italy dates back to the Roman Empire. Even with the addition of modern technology, the curing process remains the same. Prosciutto, in particular, is the most popular Italian meat and goes through a special process and must meet certain qualifications to be considered authentic Italian ham. 

In this video, Food Insider visits Langhirano, a village in the province of Parma in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Prosciutto di Parma has strict geographical guidelines in order to be called Parma ham. The Italians are very particular about preserving the quality and history of their products, rightfully so! Check out how prosciutto is made and let us know what your favorite Italian meat is in the comments below!


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