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Ancient Street Food Stall Uncovered in Pompeii

A 2,000-year-old ancient food stall was discovered over the weekend in Pompeii.

Archaeologists in Pompeii uncovered an extraordinary frescoed hot food and drinks shop over the weekend that is believed to have served the ancient equivalent of street food.

Known as a termopolium, Latin for hot drinks counter, the shop was discovered in the archaeological park’s Regio V site and was unveiled on Saturday. This site is not yet open to the public.

Traces of nearly 2,000-year-old food were found in some of the terra cotta jars, seen in the photo above.

“Our preliminary analyses shows that the figures drawn on the front of the counter, represent, at least in part, the food and drink that were sold there,” said Valeria Amoretti, an anthropologist in Pompeii. Amoretti also states that traces of pork, fish, snails and beef were found in the terra cotta containers.


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