TOP 10 Things You Had Growing Up Italian in the 2000s ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

From our playlists to our style, growing up Italian in the 2000's is what made us who we are today!

Remember when you put gel in your hair every day for school and never stopped wearing your kappa tracksuit? You are not alone. Many of us Italians did too!

Here is our list of top 10 things you had growing up Italian in the 2000s.

1. An Italian car as your desktop wallpaper

HD wallpaper: lamborghini, huracan, red, racer, cars, custom, black,  lambocars | Wallpaper Flare
Photo by WallpaperFlare

You were so proud when you figured out how to change the wallpaper on your Windows 2000. You had to put your favorite Lamborghini or Ferrari.

2. The Kappa Track Suit

A look back at the Kappa 'trackie' and how it defined young team fashion in  Glasgow - Glasgow Live
Photo by GlasgowLive

The girls paired their Kappa attire with big silver hoops and the guys would wear head straps to hold back their spikey hair.

3. Downloading songs from Gigi D’Agostino and La Bouche from Limewire

LimeWire Screenshots - Free Software Download - Lawyerment
Photo by Lawyerment

Even if it was technically illegal, all your friends wanted your Limewire playlist

4. You had the Godfather theme song as your Motorola flip phone

Motorola Cingulare Vintage Flip Phone Silver | Tortas para niรฑos, Diseรฑos  de uรฑas, Disenos de unas
Photo by Pinterest

And an Italian flag phone case too.

5. You only wanted to buy clothes from Parasuco, Diesel and Levis

Parasuco light blue Denim Women's Stretch Jeans Size 27 L 32 extreme fit |  Womens stretch jeans, Parasuco jeans, Denim women
Photo by Pinterest

No other store would do.

6. You loved showing off your new links on your Italian charm bracelet

ciao italia Jewelry | Old School Italian Charm Bracelet | Poshmark
Photo by Poshmark

Even if it would pinch your arm hairs you didn’t care. You were on trend

7. You used Dippity-do hair gel on a daily basis

Photo by Ebay

This kept guys hair spiked all day and girls hair in curls even if it had that crunchy feel.

8. You collected anything from the 2006 World Cup when Italy Won

Italy Signed World Cup Shirt 2006
Photo by PremierSportsMemorabilia

And everyone remembers how they celebrated that day when they won.

9. You watched The Soprano’s even if your parents told you not to

Top 5 Episodes: The Sopranos - Season 1 | Nerd Infinite
Photo by NerdInfinite

You looked up to Tony Soprano.

10. You saved Italian Lira because it was no longer used

Banknotes from Italy. Italian lira and metal coins photo by michelangeloop  on Envato Elements
Photo by EnvatoElements

You never really understood how to use it anyway.

What do you remember from the early 2000s? Share your memories in the comment section below.



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