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10-Year-Old Boy Walked from Italy to England (1,700 Miles) With His Dad to See His Grandma ❤️

This young boy did not let ANYTHING keep him from getting to his 77-year old grandmother!

There were no flights from his home in Sicily to his grandmother in England. However, what Romeo wanted more than anything was to give her a hug. Romeo had not seen his grandmother for over a year during the lockdown, so he planned a trip.

He told The Daily Mail, “I asked my parents and they said no more than 50 times. Eventually, they agreed—provided we planned everything was Covid-safe. I drew a map. We got lost a few times, we slept under a wasp nest which wasn’t a good idea, got bloody feet, but we never thought about giving up.” After 93 difficult days, he was reunited with his grandmother.

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