Italy Divorce Rate up 60% During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting households emotionally, financially, and physically.The affects of COVID-19 may also be to blame for the drastic spike in divorce rates.

Time and time again, marriage counselors agree that couples most commonly fight about finances, raising children, and household chores. With husbands and wives currently stuck next to each other all day, these issues intensify.

According to (l’Associazione nazionale divorzisti italiani) Italy’s National Divorce Association, the divorce rate in Italy increased 60% in 2020.

Matteo Santini, an Italian lawyer, told Sky TG24, “The requests for separation have increased a lot, mainly due to forced coexistence.”

“It’s one thing to share weekends and evenings but another to share the whole day, with all the problems related to the health emergency: health stress due to illness, lack of work, living with children with difficulties related to distance learning,” Santini explained.

The causes of divorce were split 30/30 between domestic violence issues and other issues.

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