Italy Blocking TikTok After Death of 10-Year-Old Girl After “Blackout Challenge”

TikTok is a Chinese owned app that has become a sense of entertainment for individuals globally, especially minors.

However, Italy will be setting some restrictions after the saddening loss of a Sicilian child. A 10-year old girl died of asphyxiation in Palermo, Sicily following her activity in a TikTok challenge.

Little Antonella, put a belt around her neck to refrain from breathing for as long as possible while simultaneously capturing it on her cellphone. Antonella’s 5-year old sister found her unconscious Wednesday evening. Her parents rushed to a hospital in Palermo, but it was too late.

Angelo Sicomero, the girls father told Corriere della Sera, “TikTok was her world. And YouTube That’s how she spent her time.” Prosecutors are currently investigating to see if any individuals encouraged her to participate in the challenge according to IrishTimes.

On Friday, the Italian data privacy watchdog ordered TikTok to take measures and block all users who could not verify their age. The watchdog also expressed that it had concerns regarding TikTok back in December after numerous violations by failing to protect minors. TikTok will be blocking users until February 15th.

This event goes to show the deeply saddening dangers of social media.

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