Francesco Giuseppe Biafora – Italian Artist and Musician

Born February 10, 1946, in Calabria, Francesco Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Biafora is a man of numerous talents.  Biafora was a descendent of a family of legendary painters, sculptors, and woodworkers. He had a natural talent for all creative works.

At 17 years old, he left Calabria to chase his dream for woodworking. Biafora left Calabria and went to Como, where he worked in a furniture shop.

Along with Francesco’s passion for woodworking, were his interests in art and music. He taught himself to play the guitar and the piano. He was a part of a traveling band in the ’80s where he traveled to various states, including Florida, West Virginia, and California. Biafora then became a one-man band in the ’90’s, performing at restaurants and banquets.

Listen to Francesco’s music here.

Possibly most astonishing of all are Biafora’s incredible paintings. His paintings are Christian-inspired and are in homes across the Windsor-Essex County in Ontario, Canada.

Francesco Biafora would have been 75 years old on February 10th, 2021. Although he is no longer on Earth, his legacy will remain eternally in the hearts and lives of many.

The Francesco Giuseppe Biafora website states the following:

“His family was his life.  He lived for them, he loved them unconditionally and gave them everything he could.  As a family they travelled to many places throughout the years and continued to travel with Anna yearly to Mexico with family and friends enjoying every minute of his life.  Pino lived his life to the fullest, without regret.
His presence was an inspiration to all those around him.  His legacy lives on everyday by the ones who love and miss him most.”

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  1. Thank you Marissa, your article is beautiful…we are so proud of our dad…he will always be our everything 🤍

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