Milan Burglars Using Instagram To Rob These Italian Celebrities

Burglars in Milan referred to as "Acrobat Thieves" have been analyzing celebrity Instagram accounts in order to rob them.

Although social media can be used to bring individuals together, it also can be used for harm.

These thieves did their research on several celebrities including Eleonora Incardona and Diletta Leotta. They have also targetted the famous soccer player, Achraf Hakimi.

They analyzed their Instagram photographs, making note of any entrances in their homes. They are referred to as acrobat thieves due to their abilities to climb the outside walls of homes. While viewing the Instagram photos, police believe the burglars discovered the exact types of windows these celebrities have in order to plan an entrance. They also closely viewed their tagged images in order to find their addresses and times that they would not be home.

Last June, the thieves stole €150,000 worth of jewelry and handbags from Diletta Leotta. Later on, they targeted her former sister-in-law, Eleonora Incardona, who is photographed on the right below.

4 suspects have currently been prosecuted including one 17-year old.

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