Nonna Fashion – Top 10 Things Every Nonna Wears

Every Nonna has a very recognizable sense of style! From the slippers to the floral print dresses, here are 10 things every Nonna wears!

1. Balllerina Slippers 

Catch Nonna with cold feet? NEVER.

2. Floral PJ Nightgowns

You know she has at least 60 of these.

3. THIS Outfit

We know you have seen your Nonna in a similar outfit

4. Matching Velour Tracksuits

It’s her go-to outfit

Source: Kohls

5. BIG sunglasses

Go big or go home.

6. Brown strappy sandals

Think your hip with those new brown sandals? Sorry hun, Nonna has been wearing those for 50 years.

Source: Shein

7. Layers

Think your Nonna is the only one who wears a shirt under her nightgown? Think again.

8. Little gold hoops

They may be in style now, but Nonna has been wearing them since before you were born!

9. The corno

Got to keep Il Malocchio away

10. A few rings she has worn her entire life

They may not be flashy rings, but they mean a lot to her

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  1. So true coming from Brooklyn New York, all the older women looked like that Monday thru Sunday, unless they were going out

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