Top 10 Things That Piss Every Nonna Off

Not every grandmother is like the sweet little old ones you see in the movies. Nonne will let you know when they're upset. If they don't say it in Italian, their faces will surely show it!

Here are the top 10 things that piss every Nonna off! What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

1. When you ask for specific instructions on how to make a recipe.

She will say “It is done when it looks done”.  She doesn’t follow a recipe because cooking is in her blood.

2. When her grandchildren get tattoos.

There is no denying that every Nonna looks like they want to cry/rip your head off when they see your tattoo for the first time. 

3. When you tell her you already ate.

If you say this to your Nonna, she will look extremely confused. She will ALWAYS be offended if you don’t eat.

4. When you play your type of music around her.

They don’t want to hear it, so play Boccelli/Pavarotti or play nothing at all. 

5. Anyone who even looks at her decorative towels. 

The white lace towels in Nonna’s bathroom are FOR SHOW. Do not look at them, stand near them, or touch them!

6. When you don’t eat bread/carbs.

Don’t even mention the term “gluten intolerant” to your Nonna or you will get the most confused look you have ever gotten.

7. When you wear ripped jeans.

Nonna thinks this is just about the dumbest thing on the planet, especially because she had to sew her own pants growing up.

8. People who don’t get up to help.

Every Nonna is secretly annoyed by people at family parties who don’t lift a finger.

9. Anyone who messes with their children or grandchildren.

Every Nonna is very protective of their family. It is one thing to mess with them, but it is a separate level if you mess with their families. 

10. Disrespect.

Nonne value respect more than anything. If you talk back to your parents in front of them, it will definitely anger them.

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