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Black Panther Sighting in Bari – Ban on Outdoor Activities

In mid-February, there were several black panther sightings in Bari, Italy. As a result, local authorities warned citizens to stay inside and keep an eye on their pets.

Black panthers are commonly found in  Southwestern China, Southern India, Indonesia, Burma, and Nepal.

However, recently they were spotted in Castellana Grotte and Acquaviva delle Fonti, two towns in Bari.

Interestingly, there was also a black panther sighting in Bari in January 2020.

The panther allegedly escaped from the home of a mafia boss who kept it as a pet. Authorities do not know if this is the same cat that was spotted in mid-February.

The mayor of Acquaviva delle Fonti, Davide Carlucci, stated on Facebook, “I signed an ordinance with which I have prohibited sporting and agricultural activities on the country roads in our territory.”

“The forest carabinieri and police are patrolling the area. In order to avoid frightening the feline, which causes aggressive behavior, owners of domestic and breeding animals must keep them safe, to protect them from any attacks.”

Currently, the black panther has not been found.

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