6 American Pasta Dishes that REPULSE Italians

There are a few dishes that are made in America and labeled as Italian. However, Italians are just not buying it.

Below are 10 VERY AMERICAN pasta dishes that totally repulse Italians. Please do not make any of them if you plan on having an Italian over.

1. Carbonara with bacon & cream

Authentic carbonara is made with guanciale, ground black pepper, pecorino romano, eggs, pasta and THAT’S IT! Less is more.

2. Fettuccine with milk & cheese

Fettuccine is one pasta dish you will see at American restaurants that claim to serve “authentic Italian food”. Many Italians are confused as to why this dish is considered Italian in America.

3. Cincinatti Chili pasta

You can search Italy for years and you won’t spot this dish ANYWHERE. If you tell an Italian that you will be serving them pasta with cheddar and chili, plan to run for the hills.

4. Fried Ravioli

Don’t expect Italians from Italy to enjoy eating fried ravioli.

5. Spaghetti & Meatballs

The hallmark of American “Italian” food!

6. Macaroni & Cheese

This dish does not even exist in Italy!

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  1. I’m Italian from Cincinnati and no one in Cincinnati thinks it’s an Italian dish. The locals know it’s Greek.

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