A Mob Movie | Mafia Boss Michael Franzese Speaks in Sit Down True Crime Documentary

In the documentary below, producer Shane Vardanyan sits down and speaks with Michael Franzese, former member of the Colombo crime family in New York.

Director, producer, and writer Anthony DeCologero explained, “Our main goal behind the blog post is to connect with Italian Americans across the nation so they’re able to see a young Italian American trying to make a name for himself, and the culture, with the art of storytelling through directing.”

About the Producers

Anthony DeCologero

“As for myself, Anthony DeCologero, am only 19, I want to inspire other young Italians to follow their passions regardless of any stigma that there may be behind it. Whether it’s a family’s opinion that’s embedded in tradition or a lack of resources, we must continue to support one another in our hugely widespread Italian community filled with both old practice and constant growing diversity!”

  • 19 years old
  • Born and raised in Boston, MA
  • Social Media (INSTAGRAM @anthonydecologero )
  • Website: anthonydecologero.com

Shane Vardanyan

Shane Vardanyan, is an 18 year old producer and show host whose goal is to entertain and collaborate with legendary industry talent. He’s interviewed guests from the Sopranos to Godfather star Gianni Russo. Shane is looking to continue to grow his YouTube channel and definitely wants to bring in an audience from a wide variety of different backgrounds.

  • 18 years old-From Burbank, CA
  • Social Media (YouTube: According2shane INSTAGRAM: @realshane)


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