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5 Things Italians Just Don’t Do

You can spot an Italian a mile away! You can also tell when someone isn't Italian by their actions! There are some things that you will just never see an Italian do!

1. Cut spaghetti with a knife

If you want the dirtiest look you have ever gotten, cut your spaghetti in front of an Italian.

Photo by Danijela Prijovic on Unsplash

2. Talk back to their parents

While it is never respectful to talk back to your parents, it is considered HORRIBLE in Italian culture. Your elders are to be respected, and children should be “seen and not heard”. The last part is pretty brutal, huh?

Photo by Luz Fuertes on Unsplash

3. Wear shorts inside church

It is frowned upon to show skin inside churches in Italy, so no tank tops or shorts. The church is a sacred location, and those entering should also refrain from wearing flip-flops.

Photo by Daniela Andrade on Unsplash


4. Run straight out after showering

Oh no. If you run outside with wet hair you are 120% going to get pneumonia even if it’s 100 degrees out. (According to Nonna) Nevertheless, it goes far beyond getting sick. Italians believe that going out with wet hair can cause a stiff neck! It seems peculiar to many Americans who are so used to going outside with wet hair!

Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash

5. Drink ice-cold water

How many times do you see people in America stop to chug ice-cold water? It is so custom, especially after exercise. However, in Italy, it is well-known that drinking ice-cold water is bad for your stomach. Therefore, water is often served at room temperature in Italy and isn’t served with ice. If you REALLY want to get in TROUBLE, put ice in your wine.

Photo by Tiago Catulo on Unsplash

What are some more things Italians do not do? Let us know in the comment section below!

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