Pasta Can Be Traced Back As Far as the 4th Century B.C.!

Imagine never eating pasta again!

A life without pasta would be pretty dreadful, right?

There are SO many pasta-lovers on Earth and there are countless incredible pasta dishes! From cacio e pepe, to carbonara, to Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, nothing beats a good bowl of spaghetti!

Nevertheless, many are uninformed of when Italians started eating this tasty dish in the first place! You may have heard that Marco Polo introduced pasta to Italy in the late 13th century after exploring the Far East.

Interestingly, historians found remnants leading them to conclude that pasta has been around longer than Marco Polo’s time! They found paintings in a pre-Roman Etruscan tomb from the 4th century B.C. thought to represent pasta-making machinery! Etruscan civilization describes the culture of ancient Italy and Corsica.

The image entitled “Banquet Scene from the Tomb of the Shileds, Tarquinia” is below.

Even after so many years pasta if considered one of the best dishes by many!


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