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7 Things Italian Girls Can’t Live Without

There are just certain things in this world that Italian women cannot live without!

1. Pasta

Sophia Loren said it best. "I’d much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0.” It is very rare to find an Italian girl who claims she can live without pasta. A few days without carbs and she might get cranky. (speaking from experience)

2. Accessories

Italian women are always put together and can't live without their accessories! Elegance is key, and Italian women have that down! From hats to glasses to gloves, Italian women know how to dress classy.

3. Chivalry

While many women value chivalry, Italian women expect it. Small gestures including holding the door for a lady are custom in Italy.

4. An infinite supply of conditioner

Thick and often curly hair requires quite a bit of taming! The dim...

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