Dear Americans, This is Why We Hate Olive Garden

Many Americans claim that Olive Garden is delicious and authentic Italian food. However, Italians view things a bit differently.

Here are 5 of the 18,976 reasons why Italians hate Olive Garden.

1. We grew up on Nonna’s homemade food, and frankly, this is insulting

When you grow up on homemade Italian food, nothing compares.

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2. We criticize every restaurant to begin with

Italians criticize even the most authentic restaurants. Therefore, YOU BET we are going to criticize the artificial ones.

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3. The sauce is never mixed into the pasta

In Italy, pasta and sugo must be amalgamated. The whole dry pasta randomly topped with a pile of sauce repulses Italians.

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4. Excessive Garlic & Spices

Many dishes at Olive Garden are overly saturated with garlic and spices. While authentic Italian cooking uses garlic, it does not use it excessively.

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5. The food is geared towards Americans

Every aspect of the menu at Olive Garden is geared towards Americans. Some examples include pasta dishes with fish and Fettuccine Alfredo. The “Italian” food at Olive Garden is as American as it gets.


Every Italian Ever

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  1. Gosh, where can we even begin? Olive Garden is highly insulting to the Italian-American palate, but it’s also just awful food to begin with. They run commercials showing Nonna in the kitchen training their “chefs” how to cook, but in reality their “food” is manufactured in a central commissary, placed in vacuum-seal bags, and reheated at the restaurants. That’s how chain restaurants work, but they try to pass themselves off as a “real” Italian restaurant.

    As a board-certified Italian Who Cooks And Feeds People, the Olive Garden must always be my sworn enemy.

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