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Italian Model Apologizes For Going Topless On a Boat With Princess Eugenie’s Husband

Recently, Italian model Erica Pelosini and two other models spent a day with Princess Eugenie's husband. They sailed on a speedboat through Italian waters. Meanwhile, Eugenie was in Windsor taking care of her 5-month-year-old son.

Model Erica Pelosini took her bikini top off on the boat. She apologized and claimed that she did so because it was wet.

Pelosini explained, “I usually never go topless, but my bikini got wet and I decided to take it off. I know it does not look right for Jack and his family. I felt very bad for them when I saw the images of him surrounded by three women because his wife was not there. “It led people to make improper suggestions and jump to conclusions and it’s very hurtful that people are thinking this. I’m very sorry if I caused any embarrassment to Princess Eugenie and Jack. It wasn’t appropriate for me to be topless.

To make matters worse, Jack Brooksbank was also caught on camera with his hands around her waist. The moment was caught by the paparazzi and can be viewed below. It does not appear that Erica was discreetly attempting to remove her bikini top.


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