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NEWS: Cuomo Blames Perverted Acts on Being Italian-American…

Cuomo recently played a slideshow of his groping, touching, and kissing people in his defense to sexual harassment.

Cuomo claimed that he was affectionate because of his “generational and cultural perspectives.”

Cuomo stated, “Other complainants raised against me questions that have sought to unfairly characterize and weaponize interactions that I have had with any number of New Yorkers” … “I have been making the same gestures in public all my life. I have learned them from my mother and from my father.” … “I do it with everyone, black and white, young and old, straight and LGBTQ.”  … “I do kiss people, I do embrace people, I do hug people.”  “On occasion, I do slip and say, sweetheart or darling.”

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  1. Well Governor Cuomo I believe you about Your Italian American Heritage Hugging And Kissing we do that a lot your right And you do call Honey and Darling that is true But we are a very Classy People I don’t understand all this Perversion I just can’t believe that
    We never do this type of behavior unless one was caught in Adultery It’s simply a sin and something that was shameful So why would one Italian American Man brought up to know better probably raised to the Catholic Church go around to everyone in his office and do unwanted sexual acts or whatever disgusting thing that was said I find that most unusual You see I am an expert on this since both my Grandparents our from the old country Of Italy It just doesn’t make any good sense to me It just could be your stupid decision of the Nursing Homes I think you had a break down and your decision was Idiotic And I believe you simply did not know what you were doing truly mean it I always felt this from Day one With President Trump What you did was a very bad thing Just like Jesus on the cross Said Father forgive them for they know not what they do He who has never sin cast to kill and continue the death Or lead your brother to a peaceful place and say it’s okay you try you take it easy now don’t worry no more Make your Peace to God and your Neighbors has best had you know Let it be Peace to All

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