Top 10 Italian Gestures and What They Mean

Tape an Italian's mouth shut and trust me, they will still find a way to communicate!

Below are the top 10 most common Italian gestures and their translations! Which gesture do you use most often? Comment below!

1. The pinched finger

This gesture means “Ma che vuoi?” or “What do you want?”

2. Prayer hands to face

This gesture is often used when an Italian is distraught

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3. The pepper mill

Often called the “pepper mill”, in Southern Italy this means “you’re crazy!”

Source: The Telegraph

4. The hand bite

Often used to try to refrain from saying something one may regret – Equivalent to “God, shut my mouth”

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5. The chin flick

This means “I don’t care” or “Get lost”

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6. The prayer hands

This gesture means “I beg you” or “Please”

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7. The corno

The devil’s horns are said to drive away bad luck

Source: Pinterest

8. l’ombrello

This gesture mimics hanging an umbrella up on a hook and is equivalent to dropping the F-bomb

Source: Wiki

9. The finger kiss

This means “Eccellente!

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10. Perfetto!

Used to describe something that is perfect, oftentimes a meal

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