The 5 Stages of an Italian Goodbye

Do you ever say goodbye to a relative and find yourself still in their home 2.5 hours later? If so, you are not alone.

Here are the 5 stages of an Italian goodbye!

1. The initial goodbye

This is when you think you are about to leave. You go around the table and hug and kiss every relative. But wait…. then a conversation begins and you are lead to the second goodbye. 

2. The goodbye in the kitchen

Utilizing your escape plan, you slowly walk towards the kitchen. And your family follows you. You may even find yourself walking backwards in order to continue the conversation while making an exit. This is generally the time where your relatives load you up on leftovers. With your hands full, you continue to the third goodbye.


3. The living room goodbye 

Here comes the 3rd goodbye. This occurs in the living room just after exiting the kitchen.  Your relatives thank you for coming over 27 times and tell you to come back tomorrow. You hug and kiss everyone once again. 

4. The goodbye in the doorway

You have made it to the fourth goodbye, but it only gets tougher from here. Now you are in the doorway ready to leave, but your relatives say that you do not have enough leftovers. Your Nonna likely runs back to the kitchen to grab you a few more tupperware “just in case”.  Moments later, you begin talking about a family memory from 1970, and you’re in the doorway for at least 20 minutes. 

5. The goodbye while you’re sitting in your car with the engine running, and they’re still talking

At last, you have made it to the final goodbye. Nevertheless, you are prepared for your car to idle and your battery to possibly die out because your vehicle will be running for a LONG TIME. You know you’re in the final stage of an Italian goodbye when your relative’s head is literally popping through your car window as they continue to talk to you…

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