The Italian Cat Who Inherited 10 Million Euros 💰 🙀

Several years ago in Italy, Tommasso became the world's wealthiest cat.

Maria Assunta was an elderly woman who owned a cat named Tomasso. When she passed away at 94, she left her estate to her fluffy feline friend. (One lucky cat!) She owned numerous properties across Italy. The cat was in her will, and she intended for everything to be left to him. She wrote the will herself and signed it on November 26th, 2009. Her cat was only 4 years old when she passed.

However, according to the Daily Telegraph, animals cannot directly inherit due to Italian laws. Thus, a beneficiary was necessary. After passing,  Maria Assunta’s lawyer Anna Orecchioni tried to find a beneficiary organization. After contacting numerous organizations, she did not get verification that the cat would receive extreme comfort through the inherited wealth.

Previously, Maria informed her lawyer of a woman named Stefania who took care of her and loved animals. As the lawyer could not find any of Maria’s relatives, they gave the cat to Stefania along with her properties.

Stephania told the Daily Telegraph, “I promised her that I would look after the cat when she was no longer around. She wanted to be sure that Tommaso would be loved and cuddled.” “But I never imagined that she had this sort of wealth. She was very discreet and quiet, I knew very little of her private life. She only told me that she had suffered from loneliness a lot.”

Apparently, black cats really are good luck for Italians.

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