Custody Fight Over 6-Year-Old (Sole Survivor of Italy Cable Crash)

Earlier this year, a six-year-old boy named Eitan Biran was the only survivor of a cable car crash.

During the crash earlier this year, Eitan Biran’s parents passed along with 11 other individuals. A cable car violently merged into a mountainside in Northern Italy and fell. When Biran was released from a medical facility in Turin, the courts allowed him to live with his paternal family in Pavia.

Currently, he is in the middle of a custody fight between his maternal grandparents in Israel and his paternal relatives in Italy. His paternal relatives explained that he was transported to Israel without their consent.

His paternal Aunt Aya Biran, who lives in Pavia, explained that Biran’s maternal grandfather visited him and then took him to Isreal without their approval. The aunt was under the impression that the grandfather would visit the boy and have him back by dinner. Since he has not returned, she has filed a police report.

His aunt explained, “His bed is empty, his toys and clothes were left behind. His new desk, school backpack, notebooks, pencil case, and books were ready.”

This is a heartbreaking situation for a boy who lost his family. He is currently undergoing physical and psychotherapy after being released from the hospital.

His grandfather, Gali Peleg, told radio station 103 FM in Israel “We did not abduct Eitan,” ”We will not use that word. What happened is that we brought Eitan home.”

“I am certain and full of hope” that Israeli and Italian authorities will work together “to ensure his return home” to Italy, Aya Biran told reporters.


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