Italy is First European Country to Mandate COVID-19 Green Pass for All Workers

Beginning October 15th, all workers in Italy will be required to show a green pass.

Currently, roughly 75% of the Italian population aged 12 years and up are fully vaccinated. However, a new rule is aiming to increase this percentage.

Italian workers are obligated to show their green pass based on an approved decree by Premier Mario Draghi’s broad-based coalition government.

To receive a green pass, individuals must be vaccinated, have a negative test, or have proof of recovery from the virus in the last 6 months. This makes Italy the first European country to require all workers to require a green pass.

This rule was recently decided upon during a cabinet meeting. It aims to encourage citizens to become vaccinated.

On Thursday, Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza told a news conference, “This is to make these [work] places safer, and make the vaccination campaign even stronger,” He went on to explain that the decree is”a strategy that points on the vaccine as fundamental key to open a new season.”

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