Top 5 Italian Dining Etiquette Mistakes to AVOID

1. Do not expect to eat a large breakfast

In America, it is not uncommon to have pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns for breakfast. However, in Italy, breakfast is a very light meal. They may have a cappuccino and biscotti.

2. Never order cappuccinos after dinner!

If you decide to have dessert after dessert, typically the waiter will ask you if you want a coffee. Although it is fine to order an espresso, do not order a cappuccino. Italians generally only have cappuccinos at breakfast time.

3. Do not order limoncello with your meal

Limoncello is meant to help aid in digestion and therefore should only be ordered after dinner. It can also serve as an aperitif (before a meal). However, do not order it with your food!

4. Do not eat bread before your meal.

At Italian-American restaurants, you are often served loaf afer loaf before your dinner even arrives! This probably leaves you feeling full and not as excited to eat then if you were to not have bread. In Italy, bread is eaten with the meal. It is used to dip into leftover sauces.

5. When you want your bill, do not simply wait for it.

You will be waiting… forever. In Italy, when you would like your bill you must ask for it. It is considered rude for the waiter to come and take your plates away and set the check down on your table.

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