Italians Are Asking Vogue to Apologize for This ‘Hypocritical’ Cover

Magazine covers are not always what they seem.

Italian citizens are currently unhappy with the new cover of Vogue and consider it extremely hypocritical. They are demanding Vogue to apologize for the new cover that can be viewed below.

The initial September page includes a stunning beach in Tuscany. The water seems beautiful and pristine. Nevertheless, when viewing the cover, it is evident that this image is taken near a chemical plant that has contributed to marine pollution according to Vice World News.

Italians are unsettled because the chemical plant that was founded by the Belgian-based company, Solway, has created problems that residents have had to endure. In a 2017 report by Vice, fish had soaring levels of ammonia in their bodies.

In a 2017 study by the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health, there was a substantial increase in deaths due to chronic degenerative diseases in this area.

Vogue has acknowledged citizens’ concerns and stated that they intend to raise awareness of environmental problems and that it did not mean to “praise a polluted beach”.

Source: Euronews Albania, Vogue Italia, Vice 

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