Sophia Loren Wasn’t Considered “Beautiful Enough” to Be a Movie Star

Many are unaware that Sophia Loren was not considered to be pretty enough to become a movie star. She was encouraged to alter her features.

Sophia Loren did not let critics stop her from pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress. Camera operators told her that she was not beautiful enough to have a leading position. Loren was told that her nose was too long and her mouth was too wide.

Sophia Loren’s biographer, A.E. Hotchner stated, “Her mouth is too large, her nose is too long, her chin and her lips are too broad but the total of all her parts is ravishing.”

“I don’t want to touch nothing on my face because I like my face,” Loren explained. She told camera operators that if they insisted that she undergo plastic surgery, she would go back to Pozzuoli, Italy.

Today, Sophia Loren can be seen on numerous lists of the most beautiful women in the world. In a society where plastic surgery is becoming the new norm, Sophia Loren is an inspiration to many.

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

– Sophia Loren.

Image Credit: sophialorenfans [Instagram]

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