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10 Differences Between Normal Families and Italian Families on Christmas Eve

There are some drastic differences between "normal" families and Italian families in general, and ESPECIALLY when it comes to the holidays. We do things very differently.

1. They may or may not celebrate. We celebreate more than on Christmas Day.

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2. They read the night before Christmas. We play scopa or 31.

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3. They leave Santa chocolate chip cookies and milk. We leave him biscotti, espresso, (and a shot of Sambuca if he’s lucky).

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4. They listen to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”. We listen to Pavarotti’s “Ave Maria”.

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5. Their in bed by 9:20. Our family doesn’t leave until 2 am.

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6. They’re gathered around the fire. We are crammed in Nonna’s tiny kitchen, eating crab legs at 8 p.m.

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7. They have one course. We have 27 different fish entrées.

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8. They all get along. We have 9-29 arguments and possible fist fights.

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9. They drink spiced egg-nog. We do shots of grappa and sambuca.

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10. They eat sprinkle cookies. We eat biscotti, pizzelle, cuccidati, pignoli, etc.

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