Top 7 Things Italian Families Fight About

There are general things all families fight over. However, Italians fight about some very particular things. Here are the top seven!

1. Dinner Bill

Italian families do not fight because they do not want to pay the bill. They fight because they WANT to. They will literally tug the bill away from one another and insist on paying.

2. Siding with ANYONE outside the family

Something as small as agreeing with a piece of advice from a stranger could cause an argument.

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3. Lights

Want a full-blown argument to occur? Just leave one light on.

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4. Thermostat

The ONLY people who can touch the thermostat are your father and mother. If you put a finger on the thermostat, there will 100% be shouting .2 seconds later. 

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5. One fork in the sink

Most families fight when the house is a complete disaster. Italian moms fight with you when there is one fork in the sink or one crumb on the floor.

6. Talking back

As an Italian kid, if you even TRIED getting the last word, you were getting the spoon or belt.

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7. Not finishing your plate / criticizing the food

If you said one bad thing about your Nonna’s or mother’s cooking, you knew there would be ALOT of shouting soon after.

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