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Best Way to Keep Pizzelle from Sticking to Iron

If your pizzelle keep sticking to the iron, follow the steps below!

It can be aggravating when you’re trying to make thin, crip pizzelle, and they keep sticking to the iron. Many people use butter, pam, or oil to stop the pizzelle from sticking.

Vegetable Oil

For the longest time, I made pizzelle and used pam to grease the iron. This year we were out of pam, so I tried a different method.

I took a bit of vegetable oil on a towel and greased the iron. I ensured that I did a thin coat and covered all four parts of the iron. This method turned out to work way better than the pam. I only had to coat the iron once, and I made over 100 pizzelle without one sticking.

If you would like a great pizzelle recipe try this one by my Noni.

Happy Baking!


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